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Monday, October 22, 2012

Why Would You Use WordPress, When You Can Use Blogger?

My new job has me on the hunt.  Not only am I blogging (and learning more about the auto industry than I even thought I wanted to know), but I am also managing my client's Facebook page.

I have to admit, that I've been slow to get to the FB party, only joining in 2009 because there was no other way to learn about my 15 year high school reunion.  And, for whatever reason, I'm one of those people who LOVES high school reunions.

In the last 3+ years, I certain feel like I've mastered FB for my personal use.  But being assigned to run a business FB page was new territory.  So I spend 30 minutes to 2 hours, almost daily, searching out any and all information I can find on how to best run business FB pages, including how to promote, advertise, and engage fans as well as what FB can really accomplish and to whom you should spend your time gearing promotions.

In tonight's research, I found a link to an old article (Nov 2009) spouting the benefits in a Blogger verses WordPress face off.  This was particularly interesting to me, because I had just gone to lengths to persuade my client to use Blogger instead of WordPress.  And in speaking to an author at my HTML class, I was trying to persuade her to ditch her WordPress account and come over to Blogger.  So, why, I wondered, did this author think WordPress was so much better?

His complaints include trackbacks, subscribe by email and adding a poll--all of which are standard options in the current version of Blogger.  He also complains of RSS feeds, now nearly obsolete and SEO, which is every bit as easy to use in Blogger as it is WordPress and Blogger has more versions of Label Clouds, a feature that makes searching within a blog both fun and aesthetically pleasing.

So, three years later, here are the reason's I recommend Blogger over WordPress.

Share functions.  On the free layouts on WordPress, there are no viewable share buttons (like to Facebook, twitter, etc) unless you specifically click on the article in order to comment.  But if you arrive on the blog instead, you can scroll up and down and never see a share button anywhere.

Free layouts, video, etc.  Bloggers services are extensive and free.  WordPress nickels and dimes you for every little thing.  Want this layout instead of that?  That'll cost you $55 - $75.  Want to be able to change your background color?  Upgrade to the "Pro Bundle" for a mere $99.  The "Pro Bundle" can also get you video or you can pay around $50 to upgrade to a service with more storage.  Every feature listed here is completely free on Blogger.  Why would you pay $50-$100 for something you can do on Blogger for no cost?

It's easier to use.  Even in the webbiquity article I'm quoting, the author notes that it's easier to use Blogger.  It was created more intuitively.  It was easier to use 3 years ago, it's still easier to use today.

To get a domain. Through WordPress you'll pay $18 a year.  Through Blogger?  $10.

I've been with Blogger since 2006.  If it fell behind WordPress for a time, so be it.  It's not behind now. In fact, if money matters to you, Blogger's way ahead.