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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Every Single Day

Recently, I read a fantastic post about doing things everyday.  Lately, I've struggled with feeling productive.  As I look over my day, it's easy to notice all the things I didn't get done, even when there's a lot I did get done.

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To be sure, I waste time.  Some of it is good waste, like that impromptu visit with a friend I didn't know would stop by.  Even though "visit for an hour with a friend" wasn't on my to do list--oddly, it rarely is--I felt happy, understood and comforted when she left and, even though my living room is STILL a mess, I feel like it was time well spent.

There's other time wasters that are really that.  Facebook is an incredible time suck.  With my new job, I spend a ton more time on FB as well as time researching best practices, third party software and info for blog posts.  I want to do a good job, but I can spend all day doing it, which isn't really the goal and my paycheck won't reflect it.

Then there are those things I *should* be doing everyday that fall by the wayside.  When I opened my journal last, it had been three weeks.  It had probably been a week or more since I'd spent time on my own scripture study.

Whenever I open my scriptures or my journal, it seems the devil is there saying, "What about dishes?  Or the laundry?  It will only take a second to throw in a load.  Do that first.  Wait.  Isn't there an email you've been waiting for?  Why don't you check?"

So I find myself doing one thing after another and never getting to the scriptures.  Meanwhile, when I'm on the computer, I swear the devil is saying, "This will only take a minute.  Ooooh.  Let's go here and read this."

I digress.  The point is, that I like Gretchen Rubin's idea of doing certain things every single day no matter what.  Then you can't say, is this the day or can it wait for tomorrow? and so on with all of the different possible procrastination tactics.

Therefore, I have put scripture study, where it belongs, on the everyday list.

In more food for thought, and we'll just have to see how I do, Gretchen Rubin (you know Happiness Project fame) says that she blogs 6 days a week.  After getting a great start on my work blog, I found it a struggle to get posts up and I've lagged blogging here notably.  So, I was thinking of copying Gretchen and trying to blog daily.  I need to blog biweekly for Honda of Orem, but I could blog here the rest of the time!

So, I'm wondering, what does everybody else have on their must-do-everyday list?