Jenna Wood is a current Master's Degree student at Sam Houston State University where she is completing her degree in Sociology with an emphasis in Sociology of Education. She is passionate about creating exceptional public education, resolving inequality, and explaining aspects of societal culture.  She completed an undergraduate degree in Communications from Brigham Young University in 1997. 

During the hiatus in her education, she's been a volunteer extraordinaire. She's been a PTA President twice, a School Community Council Chair, and served on the District Community Council for her state's largest school district. Her work background is in marketing and sales and she has been a freelance social media manager for 10+ years. 

Jenna is a Utah native and makes her home in Orem, Utah where she lives with her husband, Wendell.  They have five children, two cats, and three goldfish. Jenna is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and enjoys writing about religion from a Latter-day Saint perspective. 

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