Sunday, January 03, 2021

A Year of Self-Care


I've been a fan of Gretchen Rubin and her Happiness Project from the moment the book made its way into my hands.  (Although, for my first read through, I was slightly less enthusiastic than I would later be largely because I was not having a very good year. Sorry, Gretchen.) 

Still, I've long been mesmerized by year-long projects and figured this would be the year to tackle one.  

My original ideas were based on satisfying cravings, but not the I've-got-to-get-a-milkshake-kind. The *real* kind.  Where your body or your spirit literally craves something it needs, but you're not giving it.  For me, the number one on my list: Sleep.

So I jotted down sleep and I also jotted other things that I crave, but often don't give myself (think adequate fruits and veggies, as much movement as makes me happy, etc.). Then I started to think about things that are emotional or spiritual in nature that I also crave and don't do as good a job at satisfying as I wish I did. I pulled Wendell into the decisioning making process volleying ideas back and forth and jotting down anything that rang true.  

In the end, I solidified a list of 12 "cravings".  But I hated the name cravings. Even though I CRAVE these things, it seems like a word that could be easily misunderstood. What else could describe satisfying all these itches, aches--these deep longings for what's really best for me? It hit me. Self-care.  This is self-care.  To take care of your deepest needs, the ones most likely to be over-looked: that's self-care. 

Thus a Year of Self-care was born. I haven't as yet organized which month will follow what, except for one thing. I'm starting with sleep. 

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