Tuesday, January 05, 2021

A Year of Self-Care: The List

 We spent Monday night with a family activity geared toward goals, which gave me the perfect opportunity to organize my list and I'm so excited about my upcoming Year of Self-Care! Without further ado here are the twelve ways I'm going to nourish myself in 2021!

January: Sleep

February: Movement

March: Fruits and Veggies

April: Simple Pleasures

May: Feeling Full

June: Novelty

July: Flavor

August: Order

September: Quiet

October: Spirit

November: Emotions

December: Connection

In Happiness Project style, I will be tracking and writing about how I'm doing on my self-care odyssey.  The goal is to build month upon month. So I'm starting with sleep and the goal is that in October, November, December, sleep is still a priority. I'm hoping to make some of these thing habitual so that each month I can put the former month on autopilot and put my focus on the new way to take care of myself. 

What do you think about self-care? What would be on your list if you spent a year caring for yourself? 

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