Sunday, January 04, 2015

Personal Commandments (And Secrets of Adulthood)

A few years ago, I read the Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.  At the time, I was depressed and struggling. Reading it was more than I could handle.  But I remembered that it was filled with good ideas.  So, I mentally filled it away until I've had time to really spend on it. I guess I've arrived.

One of my favorite things that Gretchen does, is list commandments that guide her life.  As I've looked at the goals I'm setting for 2015, I've decided that they need to be measured by my personal commandments.

1. The Savior is the center
2. Be Jenna
3. I choose me
4. Let go
5. In all things, give thanks

Gretchen also lists little tips and tricks that seem to hold true in her "Secrets of Adulthood." Some of her secrets make me laugh.  But here are a few of mine (and some of Gretchen's) that I've found are true.

To get a lot done, get up early.
Early to bed, early to rise.
The crisis of today is the joke of tomorrow.
To find something, clean up.
People don't pay as much attention to your mistakes as you think.
Everything counts.


carol said...

I love Gretchen Rubin! What I like about the Happiness Project is that she was not unhappy to begin with and still decided to be happier.

Jenna Wood said...

I love Gretchen, too! I also liked that she was really satisfied with her life, but wanted to be a little more--a little better. Most often the things that make us happier are the things that make us better people. I may have to put that in my secrets of adulthood!