Sunday, January 13, 2013

Things I Love About Being Mormon: Visiting Teaching

When I was 18, I graduate from high school, seminary, and my ward and was switched into a single's ward.  I was immediately given a calling as a visiting teacher.  My mom was always an exemplary example of visiting teaching, so I was excited to have this assignment.  As I sought out my companion I learned that she had recently left on a mission and was no longer in the ward.  Even though I would be in the ward a mere 2.5 months, I worked up the nerve to call my sister's and make appointments by myself.

When I arrived on the doorstep of the apartment, I could hear loud noises.  This young woman in her late twenties answered the door and invited me in.  She was not alone inside, with her were three severely handicapped adults.  Her job was caring for these people during the day.

As we sat down to visit, I hardly had to say a word--she was so starved for conversation.  After we had visited a long time, I gave her a spiritual message and went on my way.

"Thank you," she said as I left.  "I haven't had visiting teachers come in a long time and it's so lonely being with here all day."

Although it was only my first visit, I had already gained an incredible testimony of the importance of visiting teaching.  I promised myself, and the Lord, right there on the doorstep, that I would always consistently visit the sister's whom I was assigned to visit teach.

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