Monday, January 07, 2013

The Project That Wasn't...Like I Thought

Apparently my grandmother and I had a miscommunication. She has asked me to quit my blog project immediately.  I am beyond bummed to cancel not only this project, but my major personal goal only a week into the year.  She has agreed to let me continue writing, but only offline.

I am still going to write about family history, but only stories that I don't get from my grandma.  My mom's dad passed away in 2002.  He was an only child and I don't know what of my Granddad's history has been recorded.  I do know that we are his only family.  Only my mother and her two siblings and seven grandchildren (of which I'm one)  know him well enough to write anything.

Even though I'm incredibly disappointed not to be able share my grandma's story, I'm still going to try to meet my goal of writing about my family history.  It's going to take a several days to pull everything from my Grandma into a Blurb book and I've got two scheduled posts that I'm not sure how to "unschedule" for tomorrow (1/8) and the next day (1/9).  But I am honoring my grandma's request to remove anything connected to her identity and write off-line about her for the rest of the year.

I am counting on my mom and her siblings to share stories of their dad and his family history with me so that my project isn't a complete bust.

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