Monday, January 07, 2013

The Family

Lloyd Delton Hughes married Fern LaRue Woodruff on Aug 2, 1919.  They had four children in rapid succession, with only about a year and a half between each child.

Lloyd Chalmers was born first on April 10, 1920.  Since he and his father shared the same first name, Fern sometimes called him "Junior." Nevertheless, since he had his own middle name, Chalmers, named after Fern's father, he wasn't really a "Junior."

William Woodruff or Bill, as he was known, was next, born on Dec 11, 1921.

Beverly Bernice came third on July 21, 1923.

Florence Carolyn was the fourth and final Hughes child. She was born in the middle of a storm on Jan 24, 1925.  Carolyn is my grandmother.

You'll see why as we go along, but we're going to start by sharing Bill's history.  My grandmother is one of the last living people who knows Bill's story, one of the reasons why it's so important to share it.

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