Friday, December 21, 2012


Out here in the west, we are slow at things like mass-transit.  So in 2012 we have our own new-fangled train: Frontrunner.  It runs from Provo to Ogden and is largely responsible for getting commuters to Salt Lake City.   Wendell and I went on an anniversary trip to New York City just six months ago, where we got our fill of trains.  So we weren't as super excited about train riding as our five kids were.

We knew full well that the train ride was the big draw of them and important thing about this excursion.  So we focused on the train rather than Temple Square.  It's really good that we kept the focus that we did because we got to the Orem station at 5:45 and returned home at 9:00 with time at Temple Square = less than 30 minutes.

To compensate, we took pictures, so it LOOKS like we spent plenty of time there.  

Waiting for the train

On the train

Boys at Temple Square waiting for the girls to get out of the bathroom

Proof we were there!

All 5 kids

Picture with Dad in it so we know he was there

The UTA Frontrunner was super clean and our group rate wasn't a bad deal. It took us 1 hour 26 minutes to get to Temple Square.  If we had driven, we could have made it up in 45 minutes and parked for $2.   I can't actually think of a reason to take Frontrunner again (if my car was broken down maybe...).  But we had a ton of fun!

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