Friday, November 16, 2012

What Happens When Mom's Not Home...

This is what happens when Mom is gone to a class and Dad has an extra-long meeting at work.

My favorite lines:

When my husband asks who is messaging and Anson doesn't just say, "Anson."  He says, "Anson Wood."

SOS can't find any dogs.

I also loved that Annika found the hot dogs.  Can my 12-year-old find them? No.  Can my 13-year-old find them?  No.  Can my 10-year-old find them?  No again.  It takes the 1st grader who's 6 and a half to save the day.

Things I also love:

All of the smiley faces.  They crack me up as much as anything.

That Anson can't spell.  He get's that from me.


Jody said...

Dear Jenna-

This is so priceless! Love that you have a techy husband. There are so many levels of cute in this. These are the kinds of things that make ordinary days so magical.

I love "Anson Wood". Will does that--always. He'll call his grandparents or even us, when he leaves a message, it is always--this is Will Kirkwood, your (son, grandson, etc.). There are certain people that are always Sister...and her full name or Mrs. Julie Martin. I think he gets it from Mark. When Mark tells a story, he'll refer to someone (that he's talked about a million times) and say you know, my friend at the post office, etc.

So, so funny. I think this is one of those glorious reasons we get to be in families. There is no story as funny as a family story (ie--your mom's hairdo compliments of a vacuum, Lisa in the bathroom with nuns and now the legend of the hot dogs). What a great entry into family lore.

Love you all-
Jody Aleene Severson Kirkwood (your aunt)

Kari said...

Oh my, this brought tears to my eyes. Sooo funny. The smiley face when there were no hot dogs and the crying face made me laugh out loud. hahaha.

Unknown said...

My favorite: "yeah eat mom." bahaha

What good kiddies you have.

And hubs.