Thursday, July 19, 2012


I've been reading a book recently that asks you what you miss doing from your childhood.  Then (of course) you are encouraged to begin doing that activity.

Some years ago I had a moment where I remembered how much fun it was to ride my bike.  We were never allowed to ride very far, but I rode 'round and 'round the block and enjoyed the mobility as well as the rush of flying down the hill at the end.  So I asked for a bike for my birthday.

I knew hoped it would be my major gift from Wendell, but I had no idea that he would buy me a moderately-expensive-top-of-the-line-ride-around-town bike.  A few months later, we bought a trailer thing that you put kids in to go on the back.

I bet a rode that thing at least a dozen times.  Since then, it's been sitting in my garage.

I have tons of excuses why it sits.
  • Wendell promised to take it for a free tune up that summer.
  • Wendell promised to tune it up the next year.
  • The store closed and we never got the free tune up.
  • The kids broke the bike pump
  • I don't know how to use the air compressor to pump up the tires.
  • The kids in the trailer always fought until someone pulled someone else's hair.
The reality is that these are just excuses.  And I really want to ride up the canyon.  I know there's a trail somewhere and everyone talks about.  At my current size and biking inability, that's something I need to work toward.

But my excuses are sounding weaker and weaker.  It's time I allowed myself to do something fun!


Kari said...

You could just start by my house. That trail runs about a mile from my house. But I've never done it either. I'm worried about the hill and the fact I would die if I rode my bike on it. I need to work out more. Or rather, I need to work out.

Jenna Wood said...

Do you have a bike? If I could survive the ride to your house, I think you'd be an awesome biking partner for me. I also hate hills. Even little tiny ones. I'm much wimpier than when I was a kid.