Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Truth is Better Than Fiction

My grandma has been doing genealogy like crazy and recently I got to visit with her about some of her relatives.  But I don't have the whole story.  I'm really close, but I don't know everything.  For example, one man, a cousin of grandma's--I think it was a cousin--was shot to death in his own front yard.  His wife put something--a dresser maybe--up against the front door and sat with her feet against the dresser while the murderer tried to get in to kill her.

Eventually, the murderer gave up and left.  This woman (I don't know her name) sat for an hour with her feet on the dresser, then she left her house at 1:00 AM and walked one mile to the neighbors house to tell them that her husband had just been shot dead.

What are their names?  What are their relationship to me?  These stories need telling!!!  (And not like this. They need, you know, the information.)

On my last blog post, my uncle sweetly contacted me to help me with family updates.  My great-grandmother liked her nickname spelled Grammie not Grammy.  And that trip I originally posted that my dad went on--yeah, that never happened.  A lot of people were on that trip, just Dad wasn't one of them.  (Which would have been weird now that I think about it since Grammie was on my mom's side of the family.)

Apparently, it was quite a trip and at one point, Grammie tried to bite my Aunt Jody.  Frijoles!  How come I've never heard that story before?

So, for my birthday, I asked for--and received (Thanks, honey!)--a digital recorder.  Now I can put that journalism degree to work and try and get the WHOLE story about, well, family.  Because, you know what? Truth is stranger (and better) than fiction.

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Unknown said...

I want to be a writer when I grow up but the older I get the more I think that I can't write.

So jealous of your degree in journalism. I wrote for the UVU newspaper for a short time.

Recording those stories is so vital. That's one thing I love about the blogging world.