Thursday, May 31, 2012

Paid the Price

There is this fantastic article in the March/April LDS Living magazine about Julie B. Beck.  They basically have this awesome sit-down interview with her at the conclusion of her time being the General Relief Society President.

There are 9000 great quotes, but one in particular that I liked.  As she talked about working with the Apostles she said, "They not only feel tenderly about the Lord, they're men...who have paid the price to know Him."

I love that phrase: paid the price to know Him.

It is a good reminder that our relationship with our Savior is a relationship.  And to really know, understand, and love Him, we have to pay the price to know Him.  The price is steep, too. This is not an easy road.

In Alma it says, "I will give away all my sins to know Thee."  That is the price.  Giving up all our sins.  It's a lifetime's project, to be sure.  But to know Him, we must be like Him.  "Be ye therefore perfect," was His call to us.

So today the question I ask myself is, am I willing to pay the price?

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