Monday, April 30, 2012

Where We Are

I don't really know if I should give updates anymore about the kids eye condition.  It's not that things don't change--they do.  One visit, I might have mostly good news.   Another visit might be mostly bad.  To a degree, these are negligible changes.  The critical thing is: everyone can see.  And everyone can see pretty darn well.

If things go really, really bad or really, really good--I'll post.  But these minor ups and downs seem more likely to traumatize my loved ones than provide them with actual information.

Still, after that lengthy intro, I will give an update on the kids' eye condition.


We met with Dr. Two in March.  Nathan's bad eye had stopped getting worse.  That's the good news.  The bad news is that everyone else's eyes got worse.  Emma's good eye had a little more fluid.  Nate's good eye was a little worse and both of Annika's eyes were worse.  In a very minor way.  We're talking changes in micrograms of fluid.  Tiny.

It's not good news.  But it's not terrible news.  Dr. Two called our pediatrician and we doubled everyone's meds.  We'll see in June what that does.

I took Anson, Nathan and Annika in for glasses check-ups with Dr. Lloyd.  He was so pleased at how well everyone can see.  He said that everyone can see at a 20/25 or better.  And we got everyone new glasses (Annika for the first time!).

I am still hopeful.  We have great doctors.  Time is on our side.  And the kids, as always, are in God's hands.

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