Thursday, February 16, 2012

Glen Ricks Photography

I figure that it's high time to update the family picture since the old one was from a year and a half ago when Nathan got baptized.

For all of those who didn't get Christmas cards (that's everyone--still working on that) this is our new family picture.

We used Glen Ricks Photography.  Glen has been our family photographer since my older sister, Christy, got married.  He did all my wedding photos and has been taking family pictures of my family every two years thereafter.  To say that he's fantastic is something of an understatement.

Thanks Glen!


Kari said...

It looks fantastic. This may make me sound weirder than I already do, but I get a family picture taken every year. In October. It's my other "thing" besides laundry. Now that I think about it. I may have a lot of "things." One of my "things is definitely NOT a clean house. But not wearing day clothes to bed is another one. lol Wow, this is not at all what I meant to write.

Jenna Wood said...

Glen's photography is phenomenal, but not inexpensive. So we get pictures annually, but only biannually with Glen. This was "Glen" year and I love it!!

Rach said...

I love the new picture. He did my sister's wedding, too, and did a beautiful job. You have a beautiful family!