Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Middle Child (Guest Post by Anson age 11)

You may have heard about being born first or last and it being great but what about the middle? It can sure stink, like this occasion.
            One night my mom said I had to babysit the little two and Nathan, I had been doing pretty well and I was about to turn on the BYU game when my sister Emma stepped in the door, she casually walked down the stairs, took the remote, called the little two in, and over, and over turned on Deigo, Dora, The Backyardigans (which wasn’t half bad), Team Umizumi, and then finally, finally gave me the remote back, put the little kids to bed and then finally stuck her nose where it belonged, a book. So I was, for the second time, going to turn on the BYU game, when my mom and dad stepped in took the remote from me and told me to go to bed.           
            Being a middle child can be bad for me because I have to share a room, I get fewer privileges, and I have more chores. Why it’s bad too share a room for me is Nathan makes messes and doesn’t pick them up which is super annoying like the one time he turned our room super messy when we were smaller. Fifty percent of the time, he won’t listen to me and when he’s mad, Nate talks negatively about himself. (And I’m not even going to go there.) He sometimes makes noises at night so it is hard to sleep like one time he talked for 2 hours and I couldn’t fall asleep.
            Another reason why it’s bad being a middle child is you get fewer privileges than the oldest like you have to go to bed earlier than the oldest, and Emma’s play dates are making cool stuff and going mini golfing and other fun places, when mine are playing board games and stuff. While I have to share a room, Emma gets her own and doesn’t have to share because she’s the oldest. Emma can make up fake excuses to get out of doing chores while I just do mine which is so cheap and unfair.
            My last reason why being a middle child is bad is I get more chores because when I don’t have projects I get done with my homework, piano and chores fast so I can hopefully play with my friends, but my mom can almost always think of other chores that need to be done like the kitchen floor swept, and the upstairs bathroom scrubbed, the garbage taken out, etc. And because Nathan is slow at homework and Emma has a lot, I get more chores than both of them.
            Those three reasons are why being a middle child is bad.  I have to share my room with my brother Nathan. I get fewer privileges like staying up late with my mom and dad to play games like Sorry. I get more chores like taking out the trash.
            On the other hand, there are some things about me being middle child that are awesome like the fact that I’m the oldest boy, I know the best hiding places and can hide from any one. Because I do more chores I get more money, and sharing a room isn’t that bad considering you can set up an army base with your brother and do “Mission Destroy the Alien Sister” or “Evil Doctor Fudge the Teddy Bear.”
            So I guess there are some pros and cons of being a middle child/2nd child out of 5.
            Pros: Nathan, the 3rd out of 5 children, appreciates you and thinks you are awesome.
Cons: You have to share a room, you get fewer privileges, and you have more chores.

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Annalise said...

This is an awesome guest post. I have a hunch that my 2nd child, also an 11-yr old boy, would have many of the same comments. :) I love that he threw in some pros at the end, though!