Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I fell down in Las Vegas.  It's a whole long story about how every floor in Vegas in marbled and even their sidewalks are buffed and painted.  Now everyone knows that it doesn't rain in Vegas, right?  Never.  It's hot at Hades, probably because the devil lives there. Right?

So I was caught very unawares when a friend and I found ourselves in a rainstorm on marbled tiles wearing flip flops.  (My friend and I were wearing the flip flops, not the tiles.) To minimize our treacherous walk home we cut through one casino and when we got through the other side I slipped on marble tile and fell over and hit my knee.  That was 2.5 weeks ago.  And my knee still hurts.

Not the inside mind you, it was only a flesh wound, but the knee cap itself is seriously messed up.  I finally started favoring that knee--not kneeling on it, etc.  And it was getting better.  Almost normal.  Then yesterday I hit THAT knee cap on the very corner of a piano bench. And I'm starting over again, favoring the knee, being careful.

So today I slammed my middle two fingers of my right hand in the car door.  Now I have so many bruised and injured parts I don't even know what to do.

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