Sunday, July 24, 2011

Some Kid-isms 2011 Edition (Plus a few other things I've posted on FB)

I'm really, really good at posting kid-isms (the funny things my kids say) on Facebook, but I'm not good about writing them here.  But this is what I'll make my blog books out of one day!  So this is where they must be.  Here are some of the highlights...

Jan 6
Annika (4.5) said, "It's not a POT pie, Mom, it's a POP pie."

Jan 10
I love that Annika (4.5) just told me, "Watch and learn."

Jan 14
Annika (4.5) asked, "Why does everything say, 'Choking hazard.  Not for children under three years'?"  Having a 4-year-old who reads sparks some interesting conversations!

Jan 15
Beck (3) said, "When I was young I liked Bob the Builder."

Feb 9
Wendell and I took Annika to Lowes.  As we made our purchase, Annika found a bench to sit on.  Wendell asked, "Why are you sitting on that bench?"  Annika: "Because I want to and it's fat free!"

Feb 19
Yesterday Beck (3) was insistent that there was a termite in his pajamas that was biting him.

Feb 28
Annika (almost 5) said: I remember being three like it was yesterday.

March 13
We learned an important lesson today.  Little girls can not wear bright blue underwear with cream colored dresses.

March 30
M: Beck, will you go and check on Annika?
B: (looking puzzled) I don't have any chicken.

April 4
Beck (3) while eating breakfast said, "The raisins are having a party in my mouth!"

April 28
I love that Emma (11) just explained to Wendell what a dystopian novel is.

May 3
Annika, while working in a workbook, "This book says 1st grade.  I'm almost to Kindergarten, so this book is exactly what I need."

May 11
Today Nathan (8) announced that Emma is 12 and 1/365

May 29
Wendell to me: Did you just say to me, "I wish you would use your words"?

Nathan (8.5): Oooo!  I LOVE Minuet in G Major!!!

June 3
Annika (5): You know I have Ninja moves, right?

June 6
Annika (5): How come you didn't pour a tsunami of milk on Beck's oatmeal?

June 7
Beck (3.5): That was a LONG short-cut.

June 16
Annika (5): These shoes are too heavy.
Me: They don't fit.  That's 9/10 of the problem.
Annika: No.  It's 11/12.

June 18
Annika (5, looking through a box of crayons): Hmmmmm.  Where's cerulean?

June 23
My whole family was laughing at me because I told a child, "Don't bite the bacon."  I meant, "Don't take the bait."  Sigh.

June 26
As I'm watching my three-year-old run into the street, I call after him.  To which my whole family bursts out laughing and Emma (12) says, "Did you really just tell him to stay in the street?"

June 29
Nate (almost 9): One man's refrigerator box is another monkey's vending machine.

July 1
At 8:50 pm Beck (3.5) asks, "Mind if I have a snack?"
"Well, it's bedtime, " I say.
"No it's not," he says emphatically.  "It's 3 o'clock! It's snack time."

July 2
Emma comes home from girls camp today!!!! Anson (10.5) was asking about her yesterday and asking what time she came home.  When I told him that she wasn't coming home until 3:00 pm he said, "Awww."  Apparently, he's missing her, too.  :)

July 17
One of my favorite things about Nathan's 9th birthday was that he made all of his own origami bows for his presents.

July 18
So Annika (5) rushes out of her bedroom and says, "PS If you eat rust will you get poisoned?"

July 22
I love my three-year-old has turned on the metronome and is "playing" the piano.

July 24
Anson's new Webelos leaders came over to meet him today.  When they spotted Beck (3.5) they said, "What's your name?"  And without missing a beat Beck said, "Pablo."

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