Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Mystery of "Summer Fit"

In the spring, I got a package in the mail.  It was a children's workbook.  I LOVE workbooks.  LOVE THEM!!  It was a 1-2 Grade workbook, which is absolutely perfect for my obnoxiously advanced 5-year-old.  (She'll be in Kindergarten in the fall.)

There was no return address on the envelope, but my mom's big on workbooks too, so I figured she sent it to me.

The second week of May I was at PTA Convention at BYU (I'm going to be PTA President next year, you know) when I saw them--Summer Fit workbooks were exhibitors there.  I stopped and talked to the guy.

"Hey," I said with some excitement, since workbooks are very exciting, "I just got one of these in the mail."

The guy looked at me and blinked. "How did you get a workbook in the mail.  We just came out with them."

I shrugged.  "I thought my mom mailed it to me, I figured she bought it somewhere."

"No," the guy insisted.  "We're not in any store yet, you just about have to know us.  Who's your mom?"

My mom is great, but she's not employed, not "well-connected," not famous and there was no way this guy knew her.  I told him as much.

We puzzled it out.  Eventually, we figured that since my mom had gone to BYU Women's Conference and they were exhibitors there as well, that must have been when she ordered it.  And had it mailed to me. Which is weird since she lives two minutes from my house.  But, that had to be it.

After this strange interchange, this really nice fellow explained how the workbooks worked, the concept behind them and I purchased two more copies for my big boys.

Shortly after the conference I called my mom.

"Thanks so much, Mom, for the workbook.  Annika's already doing it and she's loving it."

(Pause) "I didn't send you a workbook."

"You didn't? Do you know anyone else who might have?"

Mom eventually decided that her younger sister, my Aunt Lisa, who was a presenter at BYU Women's Conference, must have sent it.  "She's been doing thoughtful things for people lately," Mom explained.  But I was still somewhere between baffled and impressed that she knew what level of workbook to get Annika.  Especially without consulting my mom or me.

But I loved these books.  I loved the concept and so I swiped the book from Annika before she could get any further in it and set up my whole summer curriculum around the Summer Fit workbook.

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