Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Things I Have Learned (or Been Reminded)

Summer is not as relaxed as it seems.  Instead of the kids going to school at 8 and the insanity starting at 3, it's just insane all day.  We've definitely started summer off with a bang.  Here was yesterday's schedule.

9:00 Emma and Anson to swim team
9:00 Nathan to Golf camp--it is always tricky getting 3 kids to two different locations at the same time.
10:00 Pick up Emma and Anson
They shower and get ready.
11:00 Take Emma and Anson to art
I take frantic shower so I can...
12:00 Pick up Nate from Golf Camp, while my mom picks up Emma and Anson from Art.  Wendell meets us at home about 12:15.  Feed Emma and Anson lunch.
12:30 ish Anson leaves for his golf camp
12:45 Take Emma to the Scera where she's working.
1:00-3:00 Run summer school for Nathan and Annika.
3:00 Pick up flash cards that have been waiting for me for a week and a half, put gas in the car (my gas light was on), and rent a flute.
4:30 Walk in the door and Emma called--work was done early.  In fact, she had already called at 4:10, but I was still renting the flute and she doesn't know my cell number.
5:00 Wendell got off early to pick up Anson
Then we fixed dinner and had FHE.

Today was similar.  I think the insanity slows down tomorrow, because Nate's done with golf camp.

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