Sunday, June 05, 2011

Eye Have Some News

It's been quite awhile since I've written and update about the kids' eyes.  So here are the things that have happened lately.

*Emma was put on a diuretic.  No one thought it would work and the doc (Dr. Two) wrote the prescription wrong.
*At Emma's next appointment we got a new prescription and the doc wanted to see her the next week.
*6 days later having had only 4.5 doses of this new medicine, every single image (which are taken in "slices" of the eye) showed improvement. Doc suggested we try it for 3 more weeks.
*At the next appointment, Emma could see every letter on the 20/20 line.
*Appointments were scheduled for Nathan and Annika to start them on the same meds.
*Went to appointment with Dr. Two again, on Friday.  Emma and Nathan, who were only taking half their dose, showed slight improvement.  Annika, who is very diligent about taking both doses of meds, showed notable improvement.
*In one of Annika's eyes, her retina is laying down completely.  :)
*I became more determined to have Emma and Nate take their meds twice a day.
*Emma can still read on the 20/20 line.  :)

I know that we have witnessed a miracle.  I feel so grateful for the blessing that we've received.  Now it's up to us to do our part.

In other news, Dr. Z has "located the mutation" in our family genome.  Dr. Two is calling me next week to tell me more about that.

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Anonymous said...

That is great news Jenna! Thanks for keeping us updated. I think about your family often. Hugs.