Monday, June 20, 2011

Control Issues

Normally, I'd say that I don't have serious control issues.  Or maybe I just know so many people with worse control issues.  (This is me waving and smiling and not mentioning any names...)

But Wendell and I have decided to add an additional filter to our computer after the 5-year-old and 3-year-old found a surprisingly indecent picture very accidentally.  This filter is called K9 and... I LOVE IT!  Best of all, I love the level of control I have.

I now have all Google images blocked (this is where the offending photo was found), I have all the game sites blocked and I can block any other site at any time I want.  BWAH HAHAHA!  CONTROL!!!

Do you have teenagers?  You can block Facebook.  Then, with your password, you can override it for yourself for a certain amount of time or allow the kid on for, say, 30 minutes, then buh-bye.  When time's up they are kicked off the site.

You can even set the computer to bark every time a blocked site is attempted to be accessed!

And I almost forgot--you can also set time frames that the internet can't be accessed.  I have "Night Guard" to shut things down from midnight to 6:30 AM, but you can shut it down anytime, any day.

I am so in love with it--I would kiss it if I could.  I am seriously having a control high right about now.


Jeanie said...

That's the same program we use, and the only one we recommend to others. It's the best one!!

Teena in Toronto said...

Better safe than sorry!

Happy blogoversary :)