Wednesday, March 30, 2011


 Usually a child with a double ear infection and an eye infection would deserve to be babied.  He would get what he wanted, have my undivided attention and concern.  Usually.

But right now, he's not even the sickest kid in the house.  Annika (5) has a raging fever that has ranged from 102.1 to 104.1 without medication for the last four days.  Yesterday the lowest I got her fever with medication was 102.5.  This is largely do to the fact that she couldn't keep anything down, thus making it difficult to take fever reducing medication.  

The sum total of her caloric intake yesterday was comprised of 2/3 cup apple juice and one Go-gurt.  She also tried one fruit snack, one bite of a frozen pedialite pop, one bite of applesauce and one sip of Power-aid, only to reject every single one as tasting "weird".    


Today she woke up with her lightest fever yet, only 102.1, and asked for a drink of water.  She gulped down about a half cup only to promptly throw it back up.  We are working on sips of apple juice again.  I have my fingers crossed that in a few hours she might actually be able to eat something again.

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