Saturday, February 12, 2011

Gratitude in Trials

Trials stink. They are hard.  We worry, we wonder, we stress.  But we aren't alone.  And it often doesn't take very much looking to see all the ways in which we are blessed, even in our hardest moments.  In light of my trials, I would like to list of all a bunch of things that I am thankful for.

1. Emma told me quickly about her visual disturbances.
2. Mike Lloyd had an opening the next morning.
3. Mike is a really great doctor.
4. Emma was able to see the retinal specialist and get started on the treatments immediately.
5. Dr. One mentioned in Dec that Emma's condition was likely genetic, so I got the kids into the eye doctor.
6. Mike was prompted to screen all of the kids, not just Nathan.  (There really is no reason we should know about Annika's condition except for that.)
7. Anson and Beck don't have this least for right now.
8. Wendell and I don't have this eye condition.
9. The retinal specialist's office is fighting the insurance company for coverage for us.
10. Retinal specialist, Dr. Two, called the premier genetic retinal specialist in the US to consult on our case.
11. Said genetic retinal specialist is coming to Utah in two weeks and wants to see us.
12. Mike called the Moran Eye center to help me get appointments.
13. Then the Moran Eye center called me to set appointments for my three affected children.
14. So many people are praying for my family.
15. There are treatments to try!  Seven years ago when we first found out about Emma's right eye, all of the treatments we are using didn't exist.
16. The kids all see remarkably well despite the fluid under their retinas.
17. We have people who love us who are willing to help us with medical bills if (when) we need it.
18. We live so close to the Moran Eye center and other great specialists.

I'm sure there are tons of other things that I could include on this list.  But I want you to know that the Lord is leading us and helping us.  We have so much to be grateful for!

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Kelly said...

Oh trial do stink but it sounds like you are in good hands... You are LOVED and have many people praying for you! I think of you often. Good luck! Keep Counting your Blessings.