Wednesday, January 05, 2011

I Have a Dream...

It's goal time again. I acknowledge that you don't care and might even rather not know what my goals for 2011 are. Well, avert your eyes then, because I'm writing them anyway. You see for the last two years I've actually accomplished some goals because I've kept regular track of them.

You remember, (what? you don't? OK, I'll remind you.) two years ago I had a goal to read 20 books and I read, like, 25. And last've already heard about last year, but the point is I accomplished at least one goal! Isn't that great!

So without further delay here are my goals for 2011--at least the ones I'll track on my side bar.

1. Homework. I have nine lessons that I need to do for a class I'm taking. I'd like to finish them all this year.

2. Read the General Conference talks. All of them. There are usually 6 "sessions" in each Conference Ensign. I want to read 12 sessions by the end of the year. (Right now I'm still on Saturday morning from the November Conference, although I did read the Priesthood session.)

3. Go to the temple. Having turned into a more regular temple going patron, I want to go even more this year. I'll set the goal at 18 times.

4. Lose 32.4 pounds. I'm taking quite a plunge in saying that I'm going to track how much weight I lose this year. I'm hoping you'll love me anyway even if I fail miserably. But I've also learned the power of the side bar. It keeps me motivated and focused. Let's see how I do.

5. Read the Book of Mormon. Note that I do not say finish. This was not even going to be one of my goals this year, but my Relief Society presidency wants the whole RS to read the whole Book of Mormon this year, so even though I'm not going to, I figured I could at least track the progress I'm making. I ended the year last year on page 158. The other reason I'm going to include this--it's a goal that I can't fail. As long as I read at least one more page, I've succeeded. I LOVE guarenteed success.

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