Wednesday, January 12, 2011

...And to the Dentist

Today Beck (3) and I walked into his room because he was in need of a diaper change.  He noticed his favorite blanket, Bob, was still in his crib.  (Yes, I know my 3-year-old shouldn't still be in a crib, but he's not climbing out and he's the baaaaaaaby.)  Delighted by his find, he rushed to pull Bob from between the slats.

It was then that he remembered that we were there to get rid of the stinkies so he dropped Bob on the floor.

"I'm gonna leave Bob there," he said, "so he doesn't get yucky and stinky and go to the dentist."

"Oh, yes," I agreed without really listening. "It would be terrible for Bob to get yucky and stinky and have to go to the dentist."

He nodded and I paused.  "Wait. Why would Bob go to the dentist?" I asked.

Beck held his hands out to the side as if it was obvious, "To get cleaned?"

Sure.  Why not!  But I hadn't thought of that.

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HARA said...

My baby still has a binky. And he says mama where is binky? I say under your pillow, but mama binky gets so very scared. I know, he is 4 and it's not a crib but he is my baby and I'm not having anymore, so he can have the binky for as long as he wants, we think he is perfect. Besides, he has beautiful teeth our dentist told me so. (wow, that was me being super defensive) Love the goals you set.