Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Three is Key

Beck turned three on Monday. And I've been terrible about doing these kind of--for your blog book--kinda posts. But I have to do one for my little guy. So here are some fun things about Beck. (Note on the pics: These were all shot in early July when Beck was more than two and a half, but we're calling them his two-year pictures and I'm posting them now while talking about his third birthday. )

*He loves the alphabet. For months the only lullaby he wanted was the ABC's, which is, arguably, not a lullaby.

*My dad taught Beck "The Wind Mariah" Song. I had to sing it 9 zillion times. I only know one verse. Then, Beck began to sing it to me. So, so cute!

*Beck will take his pants off when he gets mad. It's the ultimate way to punish me.

*Beck has become quite the little singer. He sings Old Nick Donald (with a farm, farm here and a farm farm there), Mickey Mouse Club (M I C A V I...), and Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeep, among others.

*Often, Beck will hop on the piano, set the metronome, and "accompany" himself to any of various tunes.
*Beck's birthday was on a Monday this year, so the Saturday before Wendell took the other kids out to each buy Beck a present. He knew where they were going and what they were doing. Sunday morning Beck woke up and said, "I want presents!"

*Beck loves to give kisses. He will often give you a BIG smooch. Sometimes he has to go in a certain order with a hug, kisses, "noseys" (rubbing noses), butterfly kisses, high five and knuckles.

*Since turning three, Beck has announced that he is a big boy and not Baby Beck. He's Cohen Beck Wood!

*On Beck's birthday, he was asking for presents alllll daaaaay. At one point in the afternoon, Beck asked, "Can I have my presents now?" I said to him, "Do you see anyone here for your birthday party?" He thought for a second and, with a twinkle in his eye, said, "Annika?"
*After Beck's birthday, if he saw anything he wanted he would say, "You're gonna sing 'Happy Birthday To Me' and give me a present."

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Sandy White said...

He's so cute, Jenna! What adorable pictures.