Saturday, November 27, 2010

Do You See What I See? Part III

Back in the exam room, Emma's appointment turned very normal. Mostly, we did more of what we'd just done in the opthamologist's office. The only real things of note we're on a test on Emma's "blind" eye, they put a little screen in front of her eye and asked her if she could see better.

"Yes, as a matter of fact," Emma said. She seemed impressed. "The letters are a 'C' and 'N'," she said with confidence. The screen made her vision worse in the left eye.

"What was that?" I asked the assistant.

"It was pinholes that change the way that light is refracted. We just want to see if there's a way to eke more vision from the blind eye."

It had been seven and half years since we had discovered that Emma was blind in her right eye. No one had ever tried to eke more vision out of that eye. I was intrigued, but the focus at today's appointment is Emma's left eye.


Tara Rickards said...

You are killing me with this story! Please tell me it ends well. How is her other eye? I'm sure it is heart wrenching as a parent to sit and wait for results. When Jessica was born, we thought she was blind for several months. Several specialists later we learned that she had all the parts to her eye and they weren't sure why her eyes weren't responding. I still remember the first day she "saw" me. I was certain she did, but when I called everyone over to see, she went back to no response. Over the next few weeks it happened more and more and eventually it all corrected itself. I remember thinking about what her life would be like if she couldn't see. I would imagine it would be a much harder adjustment with Emma who already has such a passion for reading. Oh I hope she is okay. Post soon,

Jenna Wood said...
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Jenna Wood said...

Sorry Tara! It was my baby's and Wendell's birthday this week, so it's been crazy. Here's the rest of the story...