Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I have a problem with coveting. I covet cute purses, jewelry, watches, brooches and tidy houses. I apparently I also covet dinner parties. Stephanie Nielson wrote this post about a Welcome Autumn dinner party. Only adult friends invited.

And the menu. Garlic salmon? Cheese tortellini? Gorgonzola cheese with butter greens?

And gifts for the guests? And place settings? And the decorations? And the candles?

These are the kind of dinner parties I've DREAMED of hosting. But never had. Ever.

The first thing I think of is, when do you have the time?!? Then I think of ordering T-shirts for the PTA and starting an upper grade reading and fighting for funding and helping with the carnival and running the cake contest. Oh yeah. That's where my time goes.

If I want to host fancy dinner parties, I might need to dial everything back a bit. But not now. Everything at the school is going so well! Perhaps in a couple years...


Kari said...

As I've gotten older I've discovered a real love for throwing parties. I love it. But I understand about the no time. Right now I just put my energies into kids party. Speaking of which, I should be planning a Mad Hatter's Tea Party right now.

carol said...

I'm coveting the red tolix chairs, about $300 each in the sundance catalog- maybe maybe Gary can just weld something similar up after the 143 projects he has right now.

Jenna Wood said...

Carol, I try to not even THINK about the chairs and the table and a house big enough to have a dining room table. I do try to limit my coveting to dishes, place setting and nail polish.