Sunday, August 22, 2010

Facebook Killed the Blogger

My blogging this year has been bad. Worse than bad. Pathetic. And it's all Facebook's fault. I vowed I'd never, ever in a million years get a Facebook account. Wendell got one. My little sis has had one forever. But not me. I would NEVER.

Until the class reunion. I'm one of those weird people who really like high school class reunions. I can't really explain why I like class reunions, but I do. I like the catching up. I like comparing wrinkles and fat. I like talking about our kids.

But this class reunion was tricky. The ONLY info about it was on a Facebook post. Could I hold out? Could I avoid getting a FB account and still get the info? I finally bit the bullet and joined.

And I liked it. I liked catching up. I liked hearing regularly from friends I had lost touch with, but never meant to lose touch with. And I stopped blogging. Or slowed. Dramatically.

It's not just me, either. Tons of the blogs I used to read, people who posted every single day and apologized when they missed, started missing a lot. And I was behind on my blog reading. And my life is too busy.

But I miss the connection. Now I've lost touch with a different set of friends--the blogging ones.

Darn that Facebook. All of my posts have devolved into one or two sentence remarks like, "Everyone looks better wearing sunglasses." or "I like Fat Boys and Skinny Cows." (Which I posted as a dare from Wendell when we were having an in-depth, intellectually stimulating discussion about ice cream sandwiches.) Seriously. What does this even mean?!?

Alas. Just as the blogging world began to reclaim our societal slide into stupidity, FB has to ruin it.

But don't worry. I'm never going to get a Twitter account. I refuse to follow anyone or look at any Tweets. I WILL hold out.... Please, just don't Tweet about the next high school reunion.


Kari said...

I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry. I blame my lame blogging on being ill. Every time my medicine is wrong I stop blogging. And facebook more. It's so much easier to read facebook than write on my blog. But I like blogging o much better. In fact, I need to finish this post I've been working on for three weeks. People have been complaining that I don't even find to time to blog about my baby's birth. I will blog more.

But seriously, have you noticed that most people have stopped blogging???!

Jenna Wood said...

I hear you Kari! I have a post I started last Feb that I've never finished. I've also purged my blog list, kicking off everyone that's gone private (and I don't have an invite), who's deleted their blog or who hasn't blogged in over a year.

zippy said...

Jared and were having a converstaion the other day about how my blogging has come to a serious standstill and then we saw this post--cracked us up!! You hit it right on with your title! Not that I'm on fb all that often, but I do find myself on fb much more than on blogger this days (though like Kari I like blogging MUCH better!).

At this point I'm holding off until my boys go back to school next week. I'm hoping that having only one at home during the day will help me get back on track (in MANY areas of my life). I'm at the point where it's time to post about my Dad passing away and I just haven't been ready yet...that and the busy summer break is really what brought me to a halt. I'm thinking that with the boys at school I can sit, go through pictures of my Dad and have a good, uninterrupted cry, get his post done, and then hopefully move on! Wish me luck!

zippy said...

Sorry about the lack of proof- reading on the prior comment!