Wednesday, July 07, 2010


I often think of inspiration in reference to BIG things. You feel inspired to check on a child and find that they are strangling on a blind cord. Or of decisions like who to marry, where to go to school, buying a house, etc. You get it, right? Big things.

But I'm noticing that for whatever reason our Father in Heaven cares about the little things, too.

Yesterday, I needed to take Emma to the orthodontist before swim team. I was coming back from the Rec Center and was running a smidge late. I had the van in the drive way, on when I remembered that I was going to take Wendell's CRV in case Emma and I ran late. This way whether Emma and I were on time or not, the younger kids could get to swimming lessons on time.

I paused, knowing I was running late. The van was already on. What are the chances that they wouldn't be able to see Emma in 45 minutes time? Slim. Still, I for no reason I could make any sense of, I pulled the van in and parked it in the garage and pulled the CRV out and drove Emma to her appointment.

We saw the fire truck pulling in as we turned the corner. I parked in a far corner and asked the ortho staff, who had all been evacuated, what was going on. Apparently the office next to them was very hot--approaching 200 degrees--which had set off fire alarms and called the fire department.

Eventually, two more fire trucks, 3 more ambulances and a police car all showed up and I was completed blocked. But because I had taken the CRV, not the van, a contingency plan was simple. Wendell would get the younger kids ready for swimming lessons and pick Emma and me up on the way there.

By the time Wendell got there, enough emergency personnel had left that I could maneuver a way out. We swapped cars and I took the crew to swimming lessons (after rescheduling Emma's appointment) and Wendell went to work.

I suppose that it could be a series of lucky coincidences, but I think it was a manifestation that Heavenly Father is aware of us.

PS, there was no fire. The office next door had an electrical malfunction where there heater turned on and stayed on all night long. It was hot enough, that in that time all of the live plants died and candles were completely melted.


Andrea Harris said...

I think Elder Bednar calls these "tender mercies".... not the heater being left on... but the "lucky" switch of cars... :)

Suzanne said...

That's crazy!

I love when I actually listen to the little promptings... but I find that too often, I don't. Thanks for the reminder. =)