Monday, February 15, 2010

Crappy Valentines Day!

Over the years I have had some good and plenty of bad Valentine's Days. Here are the pros and cons.

Con: When I was in the 5th grade I became aware that I received a disproportionate amount of hippo and elephant themed Valentines.

Pro: My senior year of high school, Wendell took me to the "Sweetheart's Ball" just two days before Valentines.

Con: When Wendell was in the MTC, I sent him elaborate Valentine's Day package. He sent me nothing and later told me he had given away my giant "kiss" candy since he was trying to lose weight before getting to Brazil.

Pro: The Valentine's Day that Wendell and I were engaged I made him a Valentine's dinner and we went to his cousin's wedding reception. It was the best Valentines Day ever, even though the reception was cheesey.

Con: Our first Valentine's Day that we were married we moved. On Valentine's. We celebrated a week later for lunch. It was lame.

Con: Two years ago, struggling to come up with a Valentine's Day gift I bought bright red towels. I had to wash them alone everyday for two weeks before they stopped bleeding.

Con: I had no gift and a mediocre card for Wendell this year. I never know what to get him.

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Kari said...

*grin* I don't really see much in the holliday either. I don't want to wait in long lines to eat and I don't want to cook.

Two years ago we started doing a progressive dinner with some friends. I now look forward to Valentine's. This year was great! And not long line either.

The only other thing I want is a box of nuts and chews from See's. Which my dad gets me. Yay!