Saturday, January 30, 2010


As I reentered my bedroom this morning, a small boy held up his two-year-old hands and yelled, "Sue-pwize!" And it was a great surprise. With Wendell still feigning sleep, Annika (3) and Beck (2) were jumping all over the bed.

I climbed in with them and plotted with Annika about how to wake Wendell up. She suggesting that I shout, "WAKE UP!" in his ear while she pulled his arm and Beck pulled his leg. I'm far too nice to shout at people in the morning, but I nonetheless said "Wake up" while the little two, literally pulled his arms and legs.

Soon we had a full tickle fest with each of the little shouting, "Tickle me!" when they were left untickled for a moment.

These are the moments that I love and that I hope my children remember.

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Suzanne said...


Also- I think it's nice that you are too nice to shout at people in the morning. There is often a whole 'lotta shouting at my house in the morning.