Friday, January 15, 2010

Strangely Regular

At lunch time I'm peeling a cucumber and discussing the benefits of eating carrots and drinking milk with my 2 and 3.5 year old children. And meanwhile in Haiti people are dying. Mothers are sobbing as they learn the news. The lucky ones are living outside and are, perhaps, only missing limbs.

To call the situation desperate is a fallacy. I can not fathom it. I want to help, but aside from pulling out my check book and sending in the few dollars I can spare, there really isn't anything I can do.

I recognize that in the world there is much suffering. That everyday while I clean my room and do the laundry, grocery shop and procrastinate, that someone people in many places are suffering unthinkable hardships. But those things are not on the news everyday.

Today my thoughts are with the people of Haiti. May God bless them. And may the able countries of the world continue to rush to Haiti's aid.

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Andrea Harris said...

It's so true. It feels completely crass to wake up, go to work, change the channel, pay the bills... I watch as much as I can stand because at least it keeps me connected to the fact that life other places is shattered. But eventually, I can't cry anymore. I gave what I could. If I had any useful medical, life-saving skills, I would be on a plane already. My most useful skill? Prayer.