Monday, January 11, 2010

Bunch About Beck

I never really did up Beck's 2-year birthday with the appropriate amount of details. To make up for that, here are a bunch of things about Beck.

Beck tells a knock knock joke like this.

B: Knock, knock
M: Who's there?
B: Shoe.
M: Shoe who?
B: Say, 'Hooway', Mama.
M: HOORAY!! (Lots of clapping.)

Beck can say spoon, but prefers to call it "boonsey". I don't know why.

Beck LOVES to give kisses. Just a couple of days ago, Beck marched around the entire house giving each of us a kiss. Then he went back through the line thanking us for kissing him. As we invariably would reply to his thanks with a "No, thank YOU!" Beck would then say, "No pwoblem."

Beck can count to about 18. But when he plays "Hide and Seek" he usually only gives you till 10.

Beck's favorite lullaby is the ABC's.

When Beck throws things he says, "Hi- Yah!"

Beck loves to have stories read to him. Peek-a-boo Baby is a current favorite.

Beck is still sleeping in his crib and still jumping on his bed. In fact, "Jumpy-oof" is a favorite game. Jumpy-oof is played by climbing up on things and taking a flying leap off and landing, hopefully, on his feet or bum. Could that be what cause stitches last month? I'll never know.

He is quite the character, my little Beck-a-mus. I love that kid tons!

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