Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday Synopsis

It's difficult to sum up half a month and I keep swearing (and by swearing I mean promising because I don't swear in real life) that I am going to catch up on my blogging, so here is my attempt sans pictures.

Baby Beck turned 2 on Nov 29 and has, thereby, lost his babyhood. However, since he still sleeps in a crib and wears a diaper I will continue to call him Baby Beck.

Wendell turned 34 on Dec 3rd. It was a lame birthday, as usual, because he never gives me good gift ideas and as I sit here I can't even remember what I bought him. I do remember that he was bummed that he got no iTunes gift cards.

Baby Beck split his head open on a Tuesday. This stinks because I haven't taken his 2 year pictures yet. So now they will have a giant red scar right in the middle of his forehead. Only the scar is getting better rapidly, so I continue to put off his 2 year pictures. Perhaps when he's 2 and a half...

On a Wednesday, Wendell and I were called to school because Nathan was misbehaving. Badly. He had left the school building and refused to come back in. Now I am emailing Nate's teacher on a regular basis. She recapped one week for me on a Friday and her email was 21 paragraphs long. Or so it seemed. Apparently, there is long list of stuff Nathan does wrong. I have the distinct feeling that she's going to hammer him on his ALL application.

I finished my Christmas shopping Christmas Eve. At 9:00 pm I realized I was one present short for Anson. Wendell and I scrambled and found a video game that Wendell had bought last year that we saved for another occasion. On Christmas morning I realized that we were one present short for Nathan, but luckily we had one gift labeled "To the Wood Children" and Nate got to open it and all was well.

Here is my cheer of Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my friends and other people who read my blog.


HARA said...

The Nathan issue - is it really him or is it a combination of teacher and him clashing? I am not one to usually take my kids side. Anyway, I'm sure you are being very objective, you are that kind of mom.

Jenna Wood said...

The Nathan issue is tricky. He has no behavior problems at home. There are the usual things like I wish he would clean up his room better or get on the piano faster, but none of the things his teacher talks about.

I think she's allowing him to run wild and it's really not necessary, but she needs to be more strict, I think. At least with him.