Tuesday, November 24, 2009

If I had...

Sometimes I have a dream about the money truck coming and dumping money at my house and suddenly, I could have or do whatever I want with what the money can buy. I'm not saying that it's not a shallow dream, cuz it is, but it is still fun to dream.

So if I had a sudden influx in money I would...

Remodel the kitchen
Put recessed lighting in the living room
Hire a professional organizer
Hire a regular house keeper
Throw parties on a regular basis
Buy my parents a $675 painting that I'm sure they'd love
Go to Disneyland
Buy a new minivan with automatic sliding doors

So what would you do with a sudden influx of money...don't say "pay tithing" that's a given?


Unknown said...

I would:
*make my hubby quit one of his jobs :)
*redo the backyard with a nice swingset, trampoline, new sandbox and a fence.
*hire a maid and a gardener
*buy new furniture for my office
*have the interior of my house re-painted.
*buy lots of presents for everyone!

dh said...

my list is utterly unexciting. I would pay off a car or pay a student loan... but if I didn't have bills, I might start a business, buy investment property, buy a long-arm sewing machine, fly my family to a cool vacation... or schedule a visit with a plastic surgeon (this would be my #1 priority I think.)

Suzanne said...

Finish the basement, finish the fence, finish the basement, and finish the basement. Did I mention the basement?