Monday, November 30, 2009

10 Things I've Learned from FB

1. If you don't know what FB is then you are probably over 50, or very, very out of it.
2. Some of my "friends" are very funny.
3. Some of my "friends" can't string together an intelligible update to save their lives. They write things like, "Whoa. Yoko Ono is had hot babe 10 years yesterday." That leave you saying, "What does that EVEN MEAN!!!"
4. There are some people who don't go on Facebook very much.
5. When those people go on FB, say every 6 months, they are only on there to say appalling things like, "My wife (husband) is smokin' hot." And their spouse responds in kind with things like, "Oooo, you are THE hotty pants." And it leaves us knowing that they just had a whale of a night and we would rather not have known that. (If you EVER see a post like this from my hubby, it's cuz he's messing with me. He's knows how strongly I feel about that.)
6. There are FB people who are, always, 100% of the time positive. Their updates are filled with uplifting quotes and constant statements of how rosy life is. I have an unexplained desire to hit these people.
7. There are people who profess constant and undying love for spouse and children on FB. I'm with Elder Bednar on this one, there is a better way to show your family you love them. Like buying a journal.
8. People talk a lot about food, sleep deprivation and lack of motivation. I suppose this is what binds us together, but honestly can we be even a little original? (Naturally, I'm guilty of all of these things, so here's to conceding that I lack originality, too.)
9. On FB you learn quickly who can spell and who can't. Sadly, I've been found with some frequency in the latter camp.
10. FB is an incredibly fun way to settle arguments with the Mr. What, you don't think women would enjoy their job as a homemaker better if they got paid for it? Well, I have 13 friends that say you're wrong. Ha. Take that.


Kari said...

I found this very funny. I am guilty of several of those. (Five most notably and I have the same urge to hit the happy quote people.) I started being vague when I had that nasty note from something I said on facebook, so what did I do, I blogged about it, HA! But on facebook I'm now more cautious. Never again will I discuss my children on there openly. So I guess I learned I have some friends who aren't my friends.

Suzanne said...

Suzanne is feeling very unmotivated today, her husband is frickin HOT!, and things rosy always the curent time!!!&!

(how many of your things did I manage to squeeze in there? See, it's a fun game!)

Tigerlily said...

Jenna, you are so funny! It's not that I can't spell, it's I can't type and then forgot to proofread before I hit post! What are you gonna do with me....

I hope I am a funny one. I know I'm not some of the others...