Sunday, October 04, 2009

Twice a Year...

General Conference was fantastic, as usual. Elder Holland gave a power testimony of the divinity of Book of Mormon, Elder Bednar asked us to be consistent in family practices of Family Home Evening, scripture study and church attendance.

The three main overarching themes I heard this time were: 1) Listen to the Holy Ghost and you will receive the guidance that you need to help your family through difficult times. 2) Beware the ways and the logic of the world. The "natural man" is not able to discern spiritual things. Being vigilant in spiritual "basics" leads to spiritual strength and success. 3) If you or a loved one have wandered from the fold, come back. There is ample love and ample forgiveness to overcome any wrong doing.

A year ago, my sister's father-in-law passed away the day before General Conference. In that session I heard mostly of hope and being strengthened in trials. I recognize that what we hear is a lot because of who we are and what we need to work on.

So what did you hear this conference?


Sandy White said...

The talk I really enjoyed (and could actually listen to!) was the one by Henry B. Eyering. I loved the story about how his father cared for his mother while she was ill. I liked how he reminded us to always look for the good in our spouse and to support each other.

Nancy said...

i heard a lot of snoring... my own. it's a good thing i recorded it, because trying to listen to conference when on pain meds is nearly impossible.