Monday, September 07, 2009

Deep Thoughts for Today

1. When I make dinner, and my children don't like it, but I do like it, I glut myself on it. It's almost like a certain amount of food must be eaten in a given meal and if no one else eats it, then I'm obligated to.

2. At this time of year, when the kids come in from outside, they smell like rotten fruit. I'm cursing the Lee family and their Chinese restaurant and homemade plum sauce. I hate plums. It's time to chop the trees down.

3. Getting stuff translated into Spanish takes a long time and is going to put a serious kink into my carnival plans.

1 comment:

Tigerlily said...

We have a lady that showed up and wants to join PTA and translate all our stuff into spanish. She is quick, nice and reliable. ask a mom who has kids at the school who speaks Spanish.