Thursday, July 30, 2009

Shameless Plug

OK, so some of you may want to see my class, "It's About Time." So I'm sticking a handy-dandy list on my side bar so that you can see if I'm teaching a class near you. If you want more details about the locations of any of the classes, just email me.

All Relief Society classes are free and I'll get you prices for UVU ones as soon as I have them.

Oh, and if you'd like me to teach in your area let me know. I'm looking to teach another class in Sept and Oct.


Nancy said...

I'm so excited for the september class in our ward (bonneville 13th, in case you wanted to know). Good luck with your preparations!

Jenna Wood said...

I DID want to know. I was just going to email you to ask! Thanks again. I can't wait.

dh said...

I will be in your area during your classes so can you post some addresses? I will come!!

Jenna Wood said...

I'm dying to meet you hyngrl101! Can you email me?