Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Diaper Duty

After 5 kids, I have to admit that I haven't checked prices on diapers in a while. So after a couponing seminar (at Enrichment Meeting), I wondered how diaper prices compared.

This is what I found.

I haven't had success with "store brands" except White Cloud, which I loved, but seems to have been discontinued at Wal-Mart. So I compared Luvs, Huggies and Pampers at Target, Walmart, Albertson's, and Toys 'R' Us. I also checked on Huggies at Costco.

The cardboard boxes of Luvs at Target or Walmart won. However, if you ever go to get diapers and they're out of the big boxes, it's cheaper to get the large boxes of Huggies or Pampers than it is to get a "jumbo" size Luvs. (Plus, they almost always have coupons in the paper for Pampers and Huggies.)

If Huggies or Pampers are on sale at Walmart or Target and with coupons you can save $3 or more per box, then that's tied/cheaper than Luvs. At Albertson's the sale would need to save you $4 or more to compete. Toys R Us is so overpriced that even with their best possible sale AND coupons, it's still not as cheap as Luvs just regularly at Target or Walmart.

However, if you need S/M size Goodnights, Toys R Us is competitive and sales on the those (especially if combined with coupons) would save serious money.

Huggies at Costco is more expensive than the big boxes of Luvs at Wal-Mart or Target. However, when Costco does their coupons on Huggies, then it's cheaper.

Now you know.


dh said...

I have 2 in diapers at the moment and honestly, if I had an unending supply of dollars, my first pick would be the Kirkland brand of diapers. But I am on a tight budget at the moment, so I only shop the sales with the coupons and hopefully, I only buy diapers and wipes a few times a year. :)

I find that Walgreens store-brand diapers are tolerable given their sale price. Yup. I most certainly would not pay $9 for a pack, but I will put my boys in those diapers if they only cost me $2 or $2.50, Which back in November 2008, I bought 70 packs at $2.49 each.

My favorite behind the Kirklands are Pampers and those are definitely tolerable diapers when they are cheap. In January, I bought as many diapers as I could find and I paid $2 or less per pack compliments of Albertson's deals plus coupons.

My most recent diaper run was in March and I bought Huggies on sale at Walgreens (they were running a promotion and I had coupons). THose were like $4.

Anywho, I have enough diapers that will last me through the end of the year and likely longer if I can get my 3 year old potty trained this summer...

dh said...

P.S. I read online about a lady who got free diaper wipes and I was scouring the forums trying to learn how it was done. I ended up waiting for a deal at Albertsons (Jan. 09) and I spent $0.83 per refill pack of Pampers brand wipes... I haven't purchased any since. :) I think its all about timing and stockpiling... :)

Jenna Wood said...


You are one of my inspirations with the coupon/sale shopping. When I was reading your blog, sometimes I was like, why is this so exciting, but now I see.

It's incredibly liberating to get really, really good deals and stock pile.

Jenna Wood said...

PS I will have to try Kirkland. You are not the only one I've heard who really likes their diapers.

It's just made me very, very nervous to buy in that kind of quantity, I brand I might hate.

dh said...

TRY the kirkland brand diapers! We have kids the same age, so if you hated them, I'd buy them from you. :) But I doubt you hate them... I like them better than Huggies...

Kelly said...

Reading this really made me MISS YOU! You are one in a Million! I love seeing photos of your Cute kids and reading all the Fun things you blog about! Thanks for making my day so Enjoyable!

Emma said...

Here are my thoughts on diapers (and I must admit that I have not had to change one in awhile)....

I tried the different brands with Ian and he peed out of everything except for Pampers. So, for me, it was just as cost efficient (and less frustrating) to pay more for the diapers and do fewer diaper changes. (And less laundry!)

Naomi was allergic to everything except for Huggies. So, I just had to suck it up and pay more for her diapers.

I've never been a great couponer. It's probably a good thing because we don't have Target, Toys R Us, Costco or Albertson's here. We do have a bunch of different diaper brands at the commissary, however, so, should I need them again, at least I'll get a choice of which brand to buy. I just won't have much of a choice as to where. (You'd die if you saw how much diapers cost on the German economy!)