Wednesday, June 17, 2009

You Could Call Him Rex

So I went for a walk yesterday morning alone and came home with company. This dog, with tiger-like brown and black stripes fell in step with me and walked right next to me, as if I'd asked him to heel, for blocks and blocks.

When I came home, I just walked into my back yard and gave the boy a drink. The dog I'd brought home: a pitbull.
We kept him over night and I called a friend who used to be connected to a dog rescue group. My poor dog cried and cried. So at the advice of about 5 vets offices, I called the pound the next day. A safety officer showed up at my house, just as I needed to leave and I left him there on my back porch with one of those long poles with the loops. When I came home he and "Rex" were gone.

But it's left us thinking about a dog...

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Annalise said...

How funny, we just got a dog (puppy, actually) 3 weeks ago. Things are settling down, but I had a rough adjustment at first! I guess I need to blog about my experience. :)