Saturday, June 06, 2009

Minor Miracle

I'm in need of a minor miracle. I discovered today that Beck has swiped my memory card from my camera. 9 months worth of pictures, that aren't down loaded, are on that card. Everything from birthdays, Anson's baptism, Christmas, start of school pictures, end of school pictures with the kids teachers--all of it gone.

Wendell and I have gone through our entire recycle bin and 3 garbage sacks from different points in the week. That was so rank, I thought Wendell was going to hurl. We've looked under the fridge, the stove, the computer desk where the card had been plugged into my card reader. We've even looked down most of the heat vents.

As silly as it sounds, I'm praying to find it. It's one of those tiny memory cards. Please send any thoughts and prayers my way.

Update: Less than an hour after I posted this, I found the media card in the garbage in our family room. I'm still shaking my head. Ya know what? I think God knows who I am and He cares about what's important to me. I'm so grateful for the divine help in locating this memory card.

As further proof, here are the last 3 pics I took from the last day of school.

Nate with his 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Ward. She's moving to Texas and will be a stay at home mom.

This is Anson with his teacher, Miss Munson, soon to be Mrs. Wilson. We got invited to her reception so we'll see her again in just a couple of weeks.

This is all 3 of my kids with Mr. Davies, our principal. After 5 years at my kids' school he's transferring to another school. We will miss him!


Laurie said...

Heavenly Father definitely knows who mom's are and what is important. Even if it's a small memory card full of priceless pictures!!! I'm glad you found it! Things like that can make you crazy!

Jennifer @ Fruit of My Hands said...

I am so glad that you found it! That must have been such a relief.