Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I've Broken Down and Joined

It's true. I'm on FaceBook now. I wanted to find out when my high school class reunion was and apparently you can only find out if you are on facebook. So I joined and I'm proud to say that I already have 41 friends including at least 2 people who "friended" me and I have absolutely no idea who they are.


Shaharac said...

Hi Jenna - add me, I'm on there. I looked for you but wasn't patient enough to make a real effort. It's another time waster, like you need one, and my HS is doing the same for next reunion. Crazy!

dh said...

I have one word for you. FarmTown.

Unknown said...

Hey, Jenna,

May I please be your friend? If I search your name on facebook and add you as a friend, they will email you this notice with my weird, but somewhat cool looking Chinese name on, would you still be interested in accepting me as a friend? pretty please? Now you have 3 people who want to befriend with you, hoe cool is that?