Saturday, June 06, 2009

I'm Just Your "Friend"

What I've learned on Facebook so far...

1. I'm probably not your friend, I'm just your "friend."
2. The person with the most friends spends the most time on Facebook.
3. People who were not popular in high school can be very popular on Facebook.
4. You have to work hard to avoid weird conversations. Apparently it's not cool to say, "How do I know you?"
5. Nobody cares about your stupid poll.
6. Begin all "share" posts with verbs. For example, type-- got jury duty. Hooray! This will turn out: Jenna got jury duty. Hooray!


Laurie said...

LOL!!!! We use ours for family and friends who live far away. No fake high school friends allowed!! And no ex- boyfriends or girlfriends (since Ken and I are combined!) Oh, and Mafia Wars is a great way to waste Ken's time and create Spouse Wars!!!! I'm glad you finally broke down and joined! (And you can remove friends you don't want on there anymore.)

Jenna Wood said...

Good rules!

Wendell has sooooo many ex-girlfriends that that has been a challenge. If he's ever kissed a girl, he has to have my approval before adding her.

I have no ex-boyfriends, so that was easy.

dh said...

I had someone claim to be related (prolly thru the hub), but I had no idea who it was and I said so. So then, he said, post a pic of yourself and I was like no way you freaky serial killer. I decline them if I seriously have no interest in conversation with them. :)

HARA said...

Every few months I through my list of friends and de-friend those I haven't facebooked with. That is kind of fun. People purging.

Tigerlily said...

Dearest Jenna. You are such a delightful person. I am amazed at all you do, but not surprised. You are one of the people from High School I loved the most. You were always bright, upbeat and cheerful. Like many of your friends I use facebook to reach out to family. Most of my friends are related to me. It has been so nice to talk to cousins I have not seen in years. I too have rules. I do not add boys I knew at one time at all. All the boys I have as friends are family. No past history is the best way to play. I am glad you are there now. I do people purge occasionally. You are a delightful person and I LOVE your next 10 year goals.

Eileen said...

You have to explain #3 to me. People who were not popular in high school can be very popular on facebook? I left high school in the past and everyone with it. I hope this is just a comical comment and not a seriously annoyed comment. Facebook wastes a lot of time, but it does allow me to talk to family that I do not get to see often. If you are going to be a motivational speaker you need to get away from saying things like this as it can be taken wrong and there will be people from all situations and circumstances in your audience. Just a friendly word of caution. If I offend, I am sorry. But like I said, I left high school in the past and there I will leave it. I didn't consider anyone "popular" or "unpopular" in high school. I had my friends and they could take me or leave me. If someone didn't like me, who cares? I didn't need to worry about it. I am still the same way. Take me or leave me, its no skin off my nose. But people have asked me why you would write such a thing on your blog. I too purge people from my friends list on a regular basis.

Jenna Wood said...


The whole post was written very tongue in cheek.

As Wendell and I found people we knew from high school, we were sometimes surprised at who had the most friends.

It was like, "Hey, do you remember so and so." And we'd say, "Sure." And one might say, "Did you know he has 9542 friends on facebook."
The other would say, "Seriously. Wow."

These were not people who were in student government, athletes, or others that would have fallen into that "popular" category. These were just nice kids who became nice people.

I resisted facebook for a long time because I figured it would be high school incarnate. I have been delightfully surprised that it wasn't.