Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How Exactly Do I Do That?

When I was BYU Women's Conference, low these many weeks ago, I ran into a woman who, I learned, was an EFY/Education Week Circuit Speaker. We exchanged emails. So, after I hadn't heard anything back from UVU, I emailed her, asking for advice.

My basic question was, how do I become a motivational speaker? Her answer was to start with Enrichment meeting. Offer to do a special class. Then let other people know that you'd be willing to do this at other Enrichment meetings.

It's not like the thought hasn't crossed my mind, but how exactly do you say, "Boy do I have the Enrichment meeting for you--ME!" It's seems so...conceited.

In truth, her advice appeals to me because it would be so helpful to have some presentations under my belt before getting paid to do it, that is assuming UVU picks the class up.

Let's say that I am brave enough to offer to do Enrichment meetings (or a mid week activity), how do you go about finding the contact info?

I've done a fair amount of cold-calling in my day, but I've never cold-called Enrichment Counselors...


Julie P said...

I'm on our enrichment committee, and I can tell you that it would be FAB to have someone call and offer themselves up! Seriously! We're always looking and looking for things, and to have someone come to us would be great! Just do it!

Jenna Wood said...

Julie, That is so good to know! I'm feel braver by the minute.