Monday, June 22, 2009

Can We Show Some Excitement?

It happened. UVU has returned contact with interest in my class for the fall semester. They were extremely non-committal, but they replied.

I'm so excited that I'm beside myself. It's seems possible that as soon as September, I may get paid for doing something that I love and all on my schedule.

My only disappointment is that, well, no one else is that excited. It's kinda like when you're announcing you're pregnant with your fifth baby. You can count the people who are actually happy for you on one hand. And big reactions are even harder to come by.

I need a friend grab me by the arms and swing round and round with delight. We'd giggle and fall on the couch. Then she'd say, "Can you believe your dreams are coming true?"

And I'd say that yes I can believe since I've been working hard on them for a while now and on the other hand, no I can't believe and she'd nod and say, "You can do it. You're going to be great at this." And I will hope against hope that she's right.


Nancy said...

I'm so happy for you! I know how hard it is to wait for your dreams to come true, and I'm happy you're so close. The hard work is all worth it, and you WILL do a great job! When can we get together and play and you can tell me more about what you've got planned for this class?

Julie P said...

I hope it all works out for you!

Laurie said...

I think you are amazing. I'm so excited for you!! You will do a great job because you seem to be amazing at everything you set you mind to! Go Jenna!!!!

*Tanyetta* said...

You deserve for all of your dreams to come true!

***"You can do it. You're going to be great at this."**