Thursday, May 28, 2009

Protective or Overprotective

Wendell's day off is Thursday, not Saturday like most families. Wendell is home in the morning but rarely for dinner. So I find myself, particularly as the summer approaches, protective of these times.

During last school year, Anson missed a day of scouts because we were doing a family activity on a Thursday. Only when I thought to call his scout leaders (the day of the activity) and let them know he wouldn't be there, did I find out he was currently the only boy in the den. I confessed that Thursday's were not that great for me and they promptly moved scouts to Tuesday.

So as summer approached I got a call from Anson's scout leader. Could we move scouts back to Thursday only in the morning for the summer? Sure. That would be the same time as Emma's achievement days.

But the more I thought about it, the worse it got. Achievement days are only every other week, so on the off weeks we could (if scouts weren't on Thursdays) go do family activities. Otherwise we have to wait until 11:00 when scouts is over--a terrible time of day for Beck.

I've hemmed and hawed and finally called the scout leader, who was understandably frustrated. She'd already set up everything for the summer and now I was throwing a monkey wrench into it.

What galls me is why I didn't say, Nope. Thursday's won't work this summer. How about Mondays or Wednesdays? Instead I stood by, all pansy like, trying to make something impossible work.

If they were setting up scouts on Saturdays at 10 everyone would have apoplexy. (Except me for whom it would be perfect.)

So what I'm wondering is, am I too protective of Thursdays?

Update: Anson's scout leader called back and said Mondays at 10 would be fine! Hooray! I also fell all over myself apologizing for not being forth coming in the first place and very appreciative that she was willing to reschedule just for me.


queenieweenie said...

no, no, and NO--I always say family first.

BTW..I didn't even know any bloggers were getting together till I got to year we definitely need to do a BIG blogapalooza-none of this elitist crap.

HARA said...

Absolutely not, family first, we hear it all the time in our church but sometimes leaders need to be reminded. I would call back and let them know you are sorry Thursday just don't work for your family. Even if you are just spending time at home, you are all together. Also, Anson needs that time with Wendall. There you have it, my 2 cents.

Paige said...

Next time do your scheduling in email. It's much easier to say no then! I'm not good at no either. My calendar proves it.

Nancy said...

It was so good to see you yesterday! I can't wait to get together and have another play date!

Laurie said...

Be PROTECTIVE of your family time!!!! No one else will be!